The Ten Cent Tour Bundle

The Ten Cent Tour Bundle

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A great CD paired with a hand-drawn lyric book is a truly perfect combination.

The Empty Pockets stomp on the floorboards, sing to the rafters, dance on instruments and create a full-length album from the depths of their hearts in this debut full-length album. Embark on a musical adventure, weaving stories and song into a fabric uniquely The Empty Pockets. We call it, The Ten Cent Tour.

The Ten Cent Tour Lyric Book is a completely original world of drawings created by our very own Erika Brett! 

Printed in Chicago on 100% Recycled Neenah paper, featuring a unique stitched binding by our friends at Rohner Letterpress.

Gift wrap not included. 


1. Find or Fail
2. You Know I Do 
3. The Barstool 
4. Leaving Jackson 
5. Empty Pockets 
6. Tractor Song 
7. Nay Says and Maybes 
8. I Hear Your Voice 
9. The Chosen One 
10. Sorry I'm So Good To You
11. Travelin' Song