Outside Spectrum CD

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Outside Spectrum explodes with blistering performances and oozes with characteristic industrious spirit, imagination and heart. The album delivers The Empty Pockets first #1 rank on Billboard along with carefully crafted songs soaked in technicolor tones, stripped of 21st century technology while still brimming with innovation. Not to mention an amazing guitar contribution from Grammy Award Winning former Wings member, Laurence Juber. 


Track Listing:

1. Outside Spectrum (4:20)
2. Heart of Ash (4:23)
3. Privatize the Profits (4:18)
4. A Bird Does Not Sing (2:50)
5. No Matter What They Say (3:23)
6. Youth Vaping (3:37)
7. Tense Car Tab Confrontation (4:46)
8. Hold Your Lamp Up (3:14)
9. That Gun (3:05)
10. Mrs. Sacramento (feat. Laurence Juber) (3:29)
11. Maybe Next Time (3:2