Gift the Music

Gift the Music

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Introduce a friend to The Empty Pockets for the ultimate win-win-win!

You win as a Tastemaker and you get to share your fandom of Empty Pockets with a friend.

Your friend wins because they get introduced to their new favorite band, The Empty Pockets! What an unexpected and wonderful surprise for them.

We win because we can to send out another CD to another new fan.


Send yours now by clicking ADD TO CART.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe that new and original music is vital.

When we get this CD to your friend, they'll become a fan for life.

And then we'll all be great friends forever after that... right? Right.


"I Love this group of talented musicians :)!!! The music is Creative & Fun to listen to!!! Your passion for your Art is endearing! Keep making beautiful music!!!!" - Carolyn H. from Cincinnati, OH

"I had never heard of this band until a free CD came up on facebook. I can't wait to get the CD! I went on Youtube and listened to alot of their music and I love it! You can see that Josh has music in his soul!! Erika's voice is beautiful! And together the sound is mesmerizing!" - Terry P. from Sacramento, CA

"I saw this "free" offer on Facebook and just had to check it out. What I like about it most is that I can understand the lyrics! I like the songs, too. Can't wait to get the CD." - Mary R. from Newark, NJ






The Ten Cent Tour (2015)

  1. I Hear Your Voice
  2. Empty Pockets 
  3. Find or Fail 
  4. You Know I Do

Voices (2017)

  1. I Am Strong
  2. I'll Follow You
  3. The Bubble
  4. Reprise

Tanglewoods (2019)

  1. Fill It Up
  2. Island Queen
  3. Papergirl
  4. Tanglewoods