Custom Song

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Do you have a song in your heart you want to share with the world - but you just don't know how to get it out? Or have you ever wished there was a song that fit your story perfectly?

There are few things that can move the human heart like a good song that resonates with you... so just imagine a good song that's written specifically FOR you!

Or perhaps you have someone you love, who you KNOW would be absolutely pumped to have a song written for them (or about them!)

Whether it's a special birthday, a significant anniversary, a person in your life that deserves a song to call their own or anything else you can think of... giving someone a song is a completely unique, once-in-a-lifetime type of gift...

And with the help of your favorite Musical Artisans - The Empty Pockets ;-) - you can bring YOUR song to life, or send the ultimate gift to that special someone with a pro-level composition, performance, and production.

Our Rave Reviews:

"Miss Amazing's Hug Factory" for a cherished friend and member of the community - "Absolutely nailed it!!! Amazing!!!! Thanks so much!!!" - Dave G

"BBQ Jim" for a great husband, father and grandfather's birthday - "Oh my god Just listened and loved it ❤️ you nailed it!..... love this and love you for putting it together!   He is going to be out of his mind;  so excited for him to hear it." - Marybeth L

"Call You Mine" for a 40th wedding anniversary - "Love it, love it, love it!!! Erika---to have your voice express my feelings was such a brilliant idea—and Josh—you did express my feelings perfectly! I am so happy to have this gift for Steve…Can’t wait to play it at the party…" - Margaret M

Take a listen to some of our Custom Song work from the past: