Lockdown Buster

Lockdown Buster

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A bundle of music, lyric books and other goodies at the BEST possible price to help get through all this social distancing madness.

We're taking the regular price of all this awesome stuff and cutting it in HALF.

But this offer only lasts until midnight on Wednesday, May 20th.

The Lockdown Buster Bundle Includes:

  • Introducing the Empty Pockets CD - It's fun to listen back to this album because it was recorded almost 15 years ago! We write and play music so differently now but there's something wonderful and refreshing about our high-energy, earnest delivery. "Take Me" is an early standout and great example of Josh Solomon's writing style.
  • The Ten Cent Tour CD -This album marks a fundamental change in how The Empty Pockets make records. In creating The Ten Cent Tour we took complete control of every aspect of the process. Erika Brett's influence begins to emerge and her voice shines on tracks like "Find or Fail" and "Leaving Jackson." Because this album was made entirely in our hand-built studio, we no longer had to deal with any time restrictions. You can hear that new-found-freedom in this album
  • Voices CD - We put a lot of pent up anxious energy and unbridled creativity into the Voices album. Restrictions and limitations caused by our learning curve of studio technology begin to lift and you can literally hear it on the first moments of Voices.  Bass player Nate Bellon's playing hit a clear high water mark on song like "The Bubble" and "Need to Know."
  • Tanglewoods CD - You can feel the band relax and fall into the grooves of Tanglewoods. The addition of drummer Adam Balasco goes a long way on tunes like "Fill It Up" and "The Grind" while producer Daniel McCormick starts to spread his wings on "Island Queen" and "Papergirl."
  • Live In Seattle CD - Touring the world with legendary folk-rock icon Al Stewart for a few years can really bring a band to the next level... and it shows. Recorded at the legendary underground Seattle venue, The Triple Door, this album totally captures the magic of an Empty Pockets live concert.
  • Americana Sampler CD - Perfect for your car or as a gift to someone in your life, the Americana Sampler CD features twelve of the band's best songs from our 3 Billboard-Charting, full-length, studio albums.
  • Snow Day CD - This is not an ordinary holiday album. With songs like "Eskimo Lady" and the title track, "Snow Day," this CD is tough to categorize or pigeon-hole, and that's a good thing! This is a winter album you can listen to any time of year. We swear, try it out for yourself.
  • The Ten Cent Tour Lyric Book - Designed and hand-drawn by Erika Brett herself, this beautiful, locally crafted (here in Chicago) Lyric Book is a unique and spectacular companion to the Ten Cent Tour album. It looks great on a coffee table or with a music collection.
  • Voices Lyric Book - Capturing the chaotic nature of the Voices album, this lyric book stretches Erika Brett's drawing style to new heights. Locally made by Chicago artisans, the hand stitching on the binding and the custom paper and printing are details that bring this Lyric Book to a whole new level.
  • Surprise, personalized gift from the band for the first 50 orders!!! - It doesn't get much better than this, does it? Nate, Adam, Erika and Josh are putting together 50 surprise package gifts for the first 50 folks who order. This will include something autographed by the entire band!