EPIC Membership Purchase Success

Congratulations, you've successfully purchased a membership to EPIC (Empty Pockets Insiders Club)!

It's official, you're an Empty Pockets VIP. We take that membership pretty seriously around here. 

Most new EPIC Members will need to create a new account with login information on our webstore. This account will give you access to all of your EPIC membership benefits.

It's super easy to do this RIGHT HERE

Step One: Click the little head/torso icon at the top-right of this page.


Step Two: Create Account!

Step Three: Click EPIC from the menu bar.

Step Four: Click into the EPIC Members Only Area.

Hooray!!! You're in!!!

Enjoy the perks.

Thanks for joining our band family in such a real way.

We are incredibly grateful and look forward to spending time with you at a show sometime soon...


Josh, Erika & Nate