Save Big On The 2 CD Bundle

Save Big On The 2 CD Bundle

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Grab our 2 CD Bundle, save huge, and add some great music to your life. 

Our Billboard-charting albums, Voices & The Ten Cent Tour!


Track Listing for Voices:

  1. Voices in My Head
  2. I'll Follow You
  3. I Am Strong
  4. You Be The High
  5. The Bubble
  6. Need to Know
  7. Reprise
  8. Built to last

    Track Listing for The Ten Cent Tour

    1. Find or Fail
    2. You Know I Do 
    3. The Barstool 
    4. Leaving Jackson 
    5. Empty Pockets 
    6. Tractor Song 
    7. Nay Says and Maybes 
    8. I Hear Your Voice 
    9. The Chosen One 
    10. Sorry I'm So Good To You
    11. Travelin' Song 

      Music from Voices:

      Music from The Ten Cent Tour: